About Vérité

In search of hair care that is ethically and sustainably produced, our founder, Ayesha, discovered in the foothills of the Berber valley, the natural, organic ingredients, that is the secret power of our collection. Formulated to bring you the highest quality, our collection embodies all that is true about being a woman. We support women empowered businesses from source to shelf. From the women-run cooperative where our ingredients are sourced to the companies who design and produce labels for our collection, supporting and empowering women is at the heart of what we do. 
Hair is not just hair. It is your crown and a part of your identity. Embrace it, love it and make nourishing it a part of your lifestyle. Because haircare is also selfcare.
Rediscover the true you. It’s time to revitalize and shine.
Vérité helps you create a hair regimen that gives you control and takes away the stress of unmanageable hair. 

Vérité hair collection is designed to fit into your lifestyle to make it effortless to nurture your hair and your soul and rediscover the true you. Designed to maintain curls and treat unmanageable, dry, damaged, frizzy hair restoring shinier, stronger healthy curls.